Wade Hampton

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  • By sculptor Francis Barnum
  • 2001 Event Piece
  • Pewter
  • Limited edition
  • S/L #5943

Born 1818, Charleston, South Carolina, this University of South Carolina graduate and inherited plantation owner was a large, dignified man with courteous manners. He joined the Confederacy in 1861, organizing Hampton's Legion of South Carolina. In 1862, he was made Brigadier General of Cavalry and placed in command of a brigade in J.E.B. Stuart's corps. At Gettysburg, his brigade withstood the brunt of fighting where he was wounded three times. Twenty-one out of twenty-three of his officers were killed or wounded. For gallantry in action, he was promoted to Major General of Cavalry. After the death of J.E.B. Stuart, he was placed in command of Lee's Cavalry with the rank of Lieutenant General where he was later assigned to Johnston's army. He was one of the ablest soldiers of the Civil War who was not a graduate of West Point. Wade Hampton died at the age of 84 on his plantation in South Carolina.