Echoes of the Blue & Gray DVD

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The years 1861 to 1865 were the most traumatic and tragic of our Nation's history. The War between the Northern and Southern States claimed 620,000 lives and seared the American mind and soul for a century thereafter.

The survivors of that terrible war wished that their sacrifices be remembered. And, as they marched with thinning ranks into a new century, the invention of the motion-picture camera enabled technology to record their moving image, their faces and voices, allowing us to remember them as something more than a stilted pose, a bronze statue, or a name on a marble headstone. This collection of newsreels allows one for the first time to actually see and hear the gallant heroes of the American Civil War.

  • Contains Vol. I & II.
  • See & Hear Veterans of the Civil War on DVD
  • S/L# 11412