Though War Shall Rise Against Me

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Though War Shall Rise Against Me (The Turner Daughters) (Volume 1)

by Marie LaPres 

The war between the states has finally come and the civilians of Gettysburg hope the battles will stay as far away from them as possible. But the war will touch them all more than they can imagine. Four friends, old and new, will find themselves looking to God and each other to get them through.Charlotte Turner is left to run the family farm and will lose more than she may be able to bear. Alexandra Sadler must live without her new husband as he goes off to fight for the Union. Ginny Wade must help her family survive by doing odd jobs as she worries about her best friend fighting in the war. And Augusta Lewis, born and raised in South Carolina, must spend the war days with her husband's family amidst Northern sympathizers. Will the four long years leave the town unharmed? Or will the hamlet of Gettysburg be changed forever?