The Zouave Handbook & Soldier's Manual of Bayonet Exercise: Including the U.S. Zouave Cadets Challenge (S.C. Grenan - UA)

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by Shaun C. Grenan

The Zouave Hand-book & Soldier's Manual of Bayonet Exercise contains the drill manuals of Elmer Ellsworth's U.S. Zouave Cadets, the Bayonet Drill of George McClellan, as well as the complete Manual of Sword and Sabre.

This compilation is a single-volume resource for the gallant and aspiring Zouave soldier in the field, at the armory, or in the drawing room.

This work is endorsed by the famed New York and Pennsylvania Zouaves, as well as independent militia companies across the Union.

  • Release date: August 17, 2022
  • Paperback
  • 178 pages