Star Light, Star Bright

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Star Light, Star Bright: A Tale of Old Gettysburg

by Linda Clark

Star Light, Star Bright - A Tale of Old Gettysburg transports the reader back to the summer of 1863, an extraordinary time in American history. Through the eyes of fictional character Mary Matilda Mickley, witness how the Battle of Gettysburg transforms her town and the lives of actual citizens Lydia Ziegler, Elizabeth Thorn, Georgia McClellan, Amelia Harman and many others. The book uniquely intertwines literary selections taken from an actual 1840's reading textbook with original poetry, and a compelling story of civilian life in Gettysburg during the battle. The plot is driven by Mary's desire to meet Mary Todd Lincoln, deal with the loss of her own mother, and survive the invasion of Confederate forces into Pennsylvania. Subthemes include the roles of both women and education in the 1800's, the development of self-reliance, and the causes and effects of the American Civil War. Anyone planning to visit Gettysburg, as well as anyone living here, will develop a new appreciation for our community and the history that unfolded on our streets. Many existing buildings that we pass each day, as well as their 1863 inhabitants, were witness to the most famous battle of our American Civil War. Be enlightened by our history in Star Light, Star Bright - A Tale of Old Gettysburg. 

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