Retreat from Gettysburg: White Mane Kids Civil War Adventure (Kathleen Ernst -YA)

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Retreat from Gettysburg

by Kathleen Ernst

Chigger O’Malley, of Williamsport, Maryland, is happy when rains and floodwater trap Robert E. Lee’s army after its dismal retreat from the battlefield at Gettysburg. His father and three older brothers, all members of the Union army’s famed Irish Brigade, have been killed in battle. Chigger hopes the Union army will attack the withdrawing Confederates and end the war. But when events force Chigger and his mother to care for a wounded Confederate officer, the issues of right and wrong, of friend and enemy become more difficult to answer. The tense week after the Battle of Gettysburg provides the backdrop for this suspenseful tale of self-discovery as Chigger decides whether or not to leave his family to fight for the Union.

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