Psychological Consequences of the Civil War (R. Gregory Lande-MD)

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Psychological Consequences of the American Civil War

by R. Gregory Lande 

The conclusion of America’s Civil War set off an ongoing struggle as a fractured society suffered the psychological consequences of four years of destruction, deprivation and distrust. Veterans experienced climbing rates of depression, suicide, mental illness, crime, and alcohol and drug abuse. Survivors, leery of conventional medicine and traditional religion, sought out quacks and spiritualists as cult memberships grew. This book provides a comprehensive account of the war-weary fighting their mental demons.

  • S/L# 30555
  • December 2016
  • 256 pages


About the Author

R. Gregory Lande is an adult, forensic and addiction trained psychiatrist in Orlando, Florida, a retired U.S. Army medical officer and an independent scholar whose interest in historical research focuses on the human side of America’s Civil War era.