Private Cook and the College Company at Gettysburg

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by M. Patrick McCrary

This is the inspiring true story about one of the longest forced marches occurring during the Civil War. It describes a journey of both spiritual and historic significance as revealed through previously undisclosed 150 year old diaries that recount Herman Sidney Cook's odyssey which he faithfully journalized about each day. You will follow the College Company's harrowing march while hunted by Rebel Cavalry when this green college militia unit becomes the first to volunteer and the first to be thrust forward as the initial resistance to the Rebel approach on Gettysburg. You'll also see Gettysburg as Private Cook does after the famous battle. The book contains 36 images that include maps, photographs and illustrations, some of which have never been published until now. Private Cook's original diaries and other ephemera are on exhibit at Gettysburg Heritage Center through 2017.

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  • 246 pages
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