Plans For a Future of Hope

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Plans For a Future of Hope (The Turner Daughters Book 3) 

by Marie LaPres

The citizens of Vicksburg never wanted secession, much less a war, but when Mississippi secedes from the United States, they throw their support behind the Confederacy. They hope the battles will stay far away from their bustling trade center, but they realize the importance of their town, perfectly situated atop a hill at a bend on the mighty Mississippi River. Then the siege comes…Victoria Turner must overcome personal doubts and fears when the war brings a special person from her past to Vicksburg. Tabetha Norton leaves her West Michigan home to atone for her perceived sins and finds herself in more danger than she could ever have imagined. Mary Green longs for the antebellum days of parties and socializing, but must learn to live a simpler, and at times terrifying, life. Hannah Wheeler has been running her farm and raising her son since the death of her husband in an accident several years ago. How will she now contend with raids from both the Confederate and Union armies? Jessica Spencer wants to leave her home in the north and make a difference in the lives of the newly-freed Negroes. Will the people of Vicksburg survive this horrible Yankee siege? How will the war change their lives?