Physical Lincoln Complete- Pb (John G. Sotos LP)

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by John Sotos J - PB - 2008

Combining two groundbreaking books into one handy volume, The Physical Lincoln Complete is the ultimate guide to the amazing health history of Abraham Lincoln and his family.

Book #1, The Physical Lincoln, examines Lincoln as a physician would. Written in clear, non-technical language for general readers, with more than 200 illustrations, it solves one of the most enduring mysteries in American history: What made Lincoln so tall, thin, and less than attractive? What gave him his large feet, high voice, odd lips, sluggish bowels, and astonishing joint flexibility? The answer points to Lincoln's DNA and the rare genetic disorder "MEN2B."

Book #2, The Physical Lincoln Sourcebook, organizes more than 5900 fully-referenced historical facts into a medical record for the Lincoln family.

Providing fundamental new insights into Lincoln, these are the perfect books to stimulate a young person's interest in science and medicine. See for more information.