More Strange Tales Of Civil War

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More Strange Tales of the Civil War

by Michael Sanders

More Strange Tales of the Civil War presents readers with more predictions, coincidences, medical oddities, and other bizarre events of the Civil War.

  • Wounded soldiers fight off hungry hogs on the Wheatfield at Gettysburg.
  • After participating in Sherman's famous March to the Sea, a soldier witnesses a murder in a dream months before it happens.
  • During the Battle of Antietam the position of a gun saves Lee and Longstreet and changes the course of history.
  • Two opposing generals never meet in battle but by strange coincidence finally meet years later at a Shiloh cyclorama.
  • A future Pennsylvania governor and president of Pennsylvania State University is saved in battle by a pencil.
  • While walking the field after the Battle at Gettysburg, a reverend observes a contrast in the condition of Union and Confederate soldiers' corpses.