Jennie Wade House

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During the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863, young Gettysburg native Mary Virginia “Jennie” Wade rode out the firestorm at her sister’s home, Mrs. J. Lewis McClellan, baking bread and supplying water for the nearby fighting Union soldiers. During the early morning hours of the final day of battle, a stray Confederate sniper’s bullet, believed to have been fired from the Farnsworth House, passed through two doors and struck Jennie in the back, killing her instantly. Her lifeless body was then moved to the house cellar until after the battle. Jennie Wade is believed to have been the only Gettysburg civilian killed during the Battle of Gettysburg.
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  • 3-piece set (House, Barn, and barn bank)
  • 1:87 scale replica (HO scale)
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