Inspiration For Teens

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Inspiration for Teens

by Paul Lloyd Hemphill

What if you could discover unknown abilities about yourself without the help of family or friends? Imagine having immediate access to more than 200 life lessons from 88 true stories that inspire you to improve your day and enrich your life.

And proof of your talents - ready for this? - comes from a famous event in America's past.

Best-selling author, Paul Lloyd Hemphill, presents the remarkable findings of his 9-year study of the behaviors of famous and unknown participants in the most stressful moments of their lives. Hemphill answers one simple question with each story:

"How can I benefit from what this person did at Gettysburg?" Or, put another way,
"What's in it for me to read this stuff?"

In this book you will learn:

- How to use imagination to achieve your goals
- How one communication technique will improve your relationships
- How one magic question can get you what you desire
- Why you can trust your instincts
- Why it's impossible for your life to be insignificant