In The Bloody Railroad Cut at Gettysburg The 6th Wisconsin of The Iron Brigade and Its Famous Charge (Lance J. Herdegen and William J.K. Beaudot) - GC

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by Lance J. Herdegen & William J.K. Beaudot

The storied Iron Brigade carved out a unique reputation during the Civil War. Its men fought on many hard fields, but they performed their most legendary exploits just outside a small Pennsylvania town called Gettysburg on the first day of July in 1863. There were many heroic actions that morning and afternoon, but the fight along an unfinished deep scar in the ground north of the Chambersburg Pike was one never forgotten, and is the subject of Lance J. Herdegen’s and William J. K. Beaudot’s award-winning (and long out of print) In the Bloody Railroad Cut at Gettysburg: The 6th Wisconsin of the Iron Brigade and its Famous Charge.

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