Historic Pennsylvania Illustrated History ( Jared Frederick-YA)

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by Jared Frederick

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has long been known as the "Keystone State" for a number of reasons.  It is the place where America was founded and where some of the most important conflicts to preserve it have been waged.  Pennsylvania was perhaps the most unique of the thirteen colonies, being the home to a diverse society of people from different countries and cultures.  Today, the state is still home to that same cultural diversity and so much more.

Author and illustrator Jared Frederick, currently a student at Penn State University, brings to life many of the culturally rich aspects of Pennsylvania's vibrant history.  Because of the importance that our history plays in our modern society, a portion of the profits from this book will be donated to the preservation of historic Pennsylvania sites. From William Penn to Valley Forge and the Battle of Gettysburg to the tragic events of September 11, the reader will come to learn of numerous historical places, people, and events that forever shaped both Pennsylvania and the United States

  • Release date: 2008
  • Paperback
  • Youth reader/coloring book