Herb Gardening for Beginners: A Simple Guide to Growing and Using Culinary and Medicinal Herbs at Home (Marc Thoma- EN)

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by Marc Thoma

Create a successful herb garden at home with this beginner-friendly guide

One of the best things about herbs is that you don't need a large plot of land—or even any outdoor space at all—to grow them successfully. Whether you're envisioning a small container garden in a sunny window or a raised bed in your yard, Herb Gardening for Beginners provides all the information you need to cultivate herbs for a wide range of purposes. You'll find step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting guidance for every stage of the process, from planning your garden to harvesting and using your herbs.

  • Intro to herb gardening—Learn the benefits and uses of herbs, different planting options, essential gardening tools, and indispensable tips for success.
  • Herb profiles—Find detailed breakdowns of 40 common herbs, including seeding information; mature plant size; light, water, and soil requirements; major uses; and safety considerations.
  • 80 recipes—From a Bee Balm Sore Throat Remedy and an All-Purpose Lemon Verbena Cleaner to Turkey Nettle Pot Pie and Caraway Soda Bread, discover all sorts of practical uses for your homegrown herbs.

Discover the culinary and medicinal power of homegrown herbs with help from Herb Gardening for Beginners.

  • Release date: October 5, 2021
  • 160pages
  • Hardcover