Forward to What Lies Ahead

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Forward to What Lies Ahead (The Turner Daughters Book 4) 

by Marie LaPres

The War Between the States has come after many years of failed compromises, and the citizens of Petersburg, Virginia and nearby City Point know their city will be forever changed. They are both too close to the Confederate capital of Richmond and key waterways not to be a target of the invading Union army. Rebekah Turner’s family is torn in two when her younger brother joins the Confederacy, fighting against his father and brother who decide to fight for the Union. She loses her job as a teacher and her home when she refuses to disown her Union family members. Clara Martin travels to City Point to be a governess for the children of her deceased cousin. She is put in charge of the entire household when the children’s father enlists in the Confederate army as a chaplain .Juliette Parker is stuck in an arranged marriage she never wanted. Will she finally fall in love with her husband, only to lose him to the war when he joins the Confederacy? Molly Tatum has been looked down on all her life, and she longs to earn the respect of the people of City Point. What will she risk to help the Confederate cause? When the Union Army surround Petersburg and take over City Point, the women and children left behind must rely on God and each other to help them survive.