Erin Go Bragh: Human Interest Stories of the Irish in the American Civil War (Scott L. Mingus, Sr., Gerard E. Mayers - CH)

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by:  Scott L. Mingus Sr. & Gerard E. Mayers

Erin Go Bragh. Anglicized from the Gaelic phrase for “Ireland Forever.” In the mid-19th century, the slogan was particularly popular among many Irish immigrants who had moved to the United States for political or personal reasons, yet maintained their strong familial, social, and often nationalistic ties to the old Emerald Isle. Tens of thousands of Irish-born men (and a handful of women) and an even larger number of Irish and Scots-Irish descendants fought in the Civil War, with Sons of Erin serving prominently in both the Union and Confederate armies. Many left compelling personal stories of their martial service, or of Irish comrades. 

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