Emotional Gettysburg (paintings Karl J. Kuerner, essays Bruce E. Monday - AMP)

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Paintings by Karl J. Kuerner

With Essays by Bruce E. Mowday

In a series of historic vignettes combined with contemporary paintings renowned artist Karl J. Kuerner and award-winning writer Bruce E. Mowday explore the Civil War battlefield of Gettysburg in a way never before depicted. For Karl, the spirit of art has spurred him to create a series of paintings that are peaceful and tranquil despite the death and destruction that took place here. Also, there are tears for those who sacrificed so much. For Bruce, he calls upon his years of Civil War historical research to recount some of the heroic deeds of the conflict that threatened the very existence of the United States of America. Ten of thousands of soldiers. . . . Ten of thousands of emotional stories each with a life of its own. So many stories will never be told, lost along with those who sacrificed their lives at Gettysburg during three days of July in 1863. What took place in Gettysburg, documented or not, forever will have profound meaning for Americans, a soul and a spirit.

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  • 97 pages
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