Discovering Gettysburg(Coleman,GM)

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Discovering Gettysburg: An Unconventional Introduction to the Greatest Little Town in America and the Monumental Battle that Made It Famous

by W. Stephen Coleman, Illustrations and Maps by Tim Hartman

Gettysburg. Few words in any language invoke so much passion, angst, enthusiasm, and sadness as do those ten letters. But what IS Gettysburg, exactly? I am almost embarrassed to say I discovered—or at least approached—the answer only late in life. Discovering Gettysburg chronicles my journey.

In Discovering Gettysburg, you will visit with me a host of famous and off-the beaten-path places on the battlefield, explore the historic town of Gettysburg as it is today, chat with some of the town’s fascinating “resources,” enjoy “conversations” with a variety of experts on the battle, and follow along, as I did, with some of the most engaging storytelling I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. A general history of the battle, scatter-shot style, bobs and weaves its way through the chapters, though I deliberately avoided footnotes so you won’t stumble your way through academic mumbo-jumbo. For your viewing pleasure, Tim Hartman—my friend and an award-winning cartoonist—happily provided on the jacket and throughout the book his unique hand-drawn maps and caricatures of the leading personalities.

I fully admit Discovering Gettysburg is more than a bit unconventional. But then again, so are the place, the event, and the experience of that hallowed ground. Come share it with me.

  • 6 x 9"
  • Hardcover
  • 9 maps, 180 caricatures, 100 photos
  • 264 pp.