Civil War M1860 Antique Gray Finish Pistol

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M1860 Antique Gray Finish Pistol

  • Non-Firing Civil War Pistol Replica
  •  This 1860 Army revolver was used by Union troops throughout the war between the states.
  • This legendary cap and ball revolver is full size (14" ) and weighs a hefty 2 lbs. 8 oz.
  • The loading lever, hammer, trigger and cylinder action work like the rare and expensive original.
  • This pistol is manufactured with real wood grips and comes with a gun-metal gray finish.
  • Gun ONLY
  • Also available, but not shown here, in a Gun & Plaque set: 27-320
    • Displayed with the pistol are a replica engraving of Union troops at the Battle of First Manassas, a U.S. cap badge & brass identification plaque.
    • Frame size: 18" x 7"