M1851 Engraved Gold & Nickel Pistol

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Civil War M1851 Engraved Gold & Nickel Replica Navy Pistol

  • Non-Firing.
  • This is a fitting display tribute to the two most famous Generals of the Confederacy.
  • Mounted replica M1851 Navy cap and ball revolver with silver and gold tone finish and wood grips on deluxe wood frame.
  • Navy 1851 Gold Engraved Pistol
  • Also available, but not shown, in a pistol and plaque set: 27-377 
    • The frame features a copy of an engraving of The Last Meeting at Chancellorsville, VA on the night of May 1, 1863 with Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson.
    • The pistol is mounted on the frame with a pair of bullet hangers, a brass identification plaque and a CSA cap pin.
    • Frame size: 18" x 7"