"By Abraham Lincoln: His 1858 Time Capsule"

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edited by Ross Heller

“By Abraham Lincoln: His 1858 Time Capsule”; 2022 oil portrait by Wendy Allen. This equally superb painting serves as the chapter art for By Abraham Lincoln: His 1858 Time Capsule. It portrays another view of Lincoln in October 1858 creating the campaign “scrapbook.” [need price and how delivered] [Illustrate with small image of painting] “LaJolla Lincoln”; 1928 oil portrait by Douglas Volk. If this portrait could talk; the stories it would tell. For years American artist Douglas Volk’s (1856-1935) painting hung in the La Jolla, California library of legendary San Diego Union publisher James S. Copley. Quietly gazing down, it absorbed the gossip, cigar smoke, and brandy fumes of politicians of all stripes calling on the king-making newspaperman. Volk’s Lincoln images have become iconic. 

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