Brices Cross Roads

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  • By: Francis Barnum
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The Battle of Brices Cross Roads on June 10, 1864 was the greatest victory of the Civil War fought entirely on one side by cavalry. Major General Nathan Bedford Forrest led 3,500 Confederate horsemen in a rout of 8,100 Union cavalry and infantry under Union General Samuel D. Sturgis in northern Mississippi. At the end of the all day battle, Forrest had the Federals to retreat back to Memphis. The Union losses were 1,200 dead and 2,000 officers and men captured along with 16 artillery pieces destroyed. The Confederates lost 140 killed and 300 wounded. However, this "pyrrhic" victory prevented Forrest form being in Tennessee to cut the supply lines of Union General Sherman's army that captured and burned Atlanta on their "March to the Sea."