Blood & Ghosts: Paranormal Forensics Investigators

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by Mark Nesbitt and Katherine Ramsland

What if forensic and paranormal investigators deliberately crossed paths? Can forensics aid ghost hunters, and might ghost hunters who use these tools one day assist in the cause of justice? The answers to these questions are explored within the pages of "Blood & Ghosts." Forensics is an applied science and many of its sub-disciplines have a kinship with ghost hunting: its tools and technology were devised to record and analyze evidence or behavior. Given this shared approach to solving mysteries, it makes sense to see how these disciplines could be brought together. Katherine Ramsland, a forensics expert, and Mark Nesbitt, a paranormal investigator, examine tales of murder, ghosts and hauntings; explore cases involving the use of psychics, including police psychics; research documented scientific experiments throughout history dealing with forensics and the paranormal. From missing persons to mass and serial murder, it’s time to use all of our best resources to solve crimes and investigate haunted crime scenes.

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  • 222 pages
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