Beyond the Battlefield: Stories from Gettysburg's Rich History (James Rada Jr. AG)

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by James Rada, Jr.

Home to a U.S. president, Hall of Fame pitcher and a classic automobile inventor, there’s so much more to Gettysburg than just a three-day battle.

Sure Gettysburg is best-known for the epic Civil War battle that was fought there in 1863. It tends to overshadow many of the other interesting and important stories that have taken place in Gettysburg and the vicinity.

Gettysburg was also home to one of the first tank training camps in the country during World War I. This camp brought a young army officer to Gettysburg who would play a very important role in town but also the world. His name was Dwight David Eisenhower.

Hall of Fame pitcher Eddie Plank called Gettysburg home. He even owned a garage in town after he retired.

Gettysburg is filled with stories of the famous and the not so famous, the curious and the cute, the mysterious and the deadly. Together they will tell you the story of a Gettysburg that you don’t know. It is a town with a rich history that spans many years before and after the Civil War.

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