Battlefield Ghosts (B. Keith Toney)

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by B. Keith Toney

Revolutionary War and Civil War Spirits seen today! A horseman in a Continental Army uniform terrorizes a modern highway: is Mad Anthony Wayne still trying to turn the tide at the Battle of Brandywine? A plaintive battle cry echoes at Antietam: did modern schoolboys meet the famous Irish Brigade? Modern day reenactors take orders from a Civil War lieutenant: was he a "survivor" of the assault on Fort Pulaski? Historian and former battlefield guide B. Keith Toney draws on a life-long love of military history and a healthy respect for the supernatural in this collection of tales from blood-soaked battlegrounds. He's not seen a ghost himself, he says, although he has some unexplainable encounters. Yet one of the most compelling stories comes from his wife, Jill, who experienced the famous 17 mile long wagon train that marked the Confederate retreat from Gettysburg one sultry summer night. Each story presents a compact history of an important American battle-and the cries of the spirits that still echo over those fields today.

  • Paperback
  • 102 pages
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