Artwork: Gettysburg Battlefield

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Artwork of the Gettysburg Battlefield


by Leon Reed 

Besides being America's Largest and most important battlefield and the site of our most important presidential speech, Gettysburg is also one of the country's larger outdoor sculpture gardens. Many of the hundreds of monuments are of no particular artistic interest, but some are true museum pieces.

This book provides a guide to the artistic masterpieces of the Gettysburg battlefield: the equestrian statues, the soldiers in action, the fallen comrades, the reflective monuments. Here too are the commemorative complexes, like the National Cemetery and the High Water Mark, and the evocative state monument: Pennsylvania, dominating the core of the battlefield; New York, presiding over her son's graves in the cemetery; and the three dominant Confederate monuments, at the flanks and center, respectively, of her July 2 and 3 attacks: North Carolina, Alabama, and Virginia.

  • Paperback
  • 2021