After Gettysburg: Lee Retreats, Meade Pursues (Mieczkowski AG)

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by Joseph E Mieczkowski

In this book, Joe Mieczkowski studies the events after the Battle of Gettysburg, including the retreat of General Robert E. Lee and his pursuit by General George Meade. For three days in July 1863, Lee had hurled his army against the Federal positions. The Army of the Potomac under Meade drove back the Rebel fury. After the repulse known as Pickett's Charge, Lee's army was spent, and the commander of the Army of Northern Virginia had only one choice left to him - retreat. Meade would be criticized for his failure to aggressively pursue Lee. However, Meade would try to do that very thing in a series of little known battles throughout the summer and autumn of 1863.

Joe Mieczkowski is a Civil War historian and Licensed Battlefield Guide at the Gettysburg National Military Park. Joe is a past President of both the Gettysburg Civil War Roundtable and The Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides. He has two books to his credit including "Lincoln and his Cabinet" and "Jefferson Davis and his Cabinet." Joe is a resident of Fairfield, PA, living along the very roads on which Lee's army retreated.

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