A Long Way Home: A Civil War Soldier's Journey from Prison to Freedom (Thomas E. Osborne, SP)

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by Thomas E. Osborne

On a cold, December afternoon along the Ohio River, Ephraim Thomas Osborn's fighting ended.  The Confederate Kentucky cavalryman became a prisoner of war.  However, this would only be the beginning of his Civil War adventures.  He escaped from the notorious Camp Douglas in Chicago, and began a 3,400-mile journey from Chicago to Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, then to Clifton and Halifax in Canada.  From there he would sail to Bermuda, and finally make it home.  This historical novel by Ephraim's great-grandson, Thomas E. Osborne, is based on a letter Ephraim wrote to his sister from Canada as his long journey neared its end.  It allows you to share Ephraim's travels to North Carolina and freedom.  Along the way he meets friends and enemies, faces some narrow escapes, and eventually would meet the woman who would become his wife.

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