Spiral Courting Candle

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10 Inch Spiral Courting Candle Holder

Legend has it that courting candles were used in Early American times as a way for a father to limit how much time his daughter spent with her suitor. When the candle burned down to the rim of the candle holder, it was time for the gentleman to return home. If the lady's father twisted the candle up high to start, this was a good sign for the suitor, as it would take longer for the candle to burn down to the rim.

Our solid, sturdy iron courting candle holder features a strong handle for carrying and a wide base for collecting wax. The candle height is adjusted by spinning the candle cradle up or down the spiraled center shaft. The holder will fit up to a 7/8" candle (candle is not included). A great Early American reproduction tabletop decor item.

  • 10" tall, 5" wide at base
  • Made of iron
  • Adjustable candle height
  • Wide, sturdy base
  • Holds 7/8" candle (not included)
  • Antique reproduction