Witness Tree Collection

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"Witness Trees were on the battlefield at the time of the war. They bear the lasting effects of the horror of the battle"

*Please note - witness tree wood may vary by size, shape, and location of the tree depending on availability.

  • Majestic Executive Lincoln Pen (#16190)
    • Limited Edition.
    • This executive pen is crafted from the honey locust "Witness Tree", located in the National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
    • This tree "witnessed" the great Battle of Gettysburg in July, 1863, and Abraham Lincoln's immortal speech on November 19, 1863.
    • Decorative wooded box.
  • Witness Tree case with coin and wood (#23370)
    • Contains Gettysburg quarter and an original piece of Witness Tree Wood
    • 6" x 5"
  • Comfort Witness Lincoln Pen (#16189)
    • Witness tree pen in decorative wooded case.
  • Lincoln Witness Ornament National Cemetery (#5602)
    • 1 1/2" x 3 1/2"
    • The honey locust tree, from which this keepsake is hand crafted, stood watch over Cemetery Hill in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
    • The tree withstood shot and shell, and provided cover and shade to the soldiers that preserved the nation.
  • Witness Tree Pen (#16188)
    • Slim design and case
  • Lincoln Witness Ornament Baltimore St. Sycamore 
    • This tree witnessed the panicked Federal troops falling back to its protection on the afternoon of July 1, 1863.
  • Bullet on Base (#259)
    • Bullet on Witness Tree Base
      The wood base is from one of the "witness trees" on the Gettysburg Battlefield.