What Would Lincoln Do?

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by David Acord

Lincoln's Most Inspired Solutions to Challenging Problems and Difficult Situations What Would Lincoln Do? is a fun and insightful guide to common problems people face and how the Great Emancipator would tackle them.

Using actual tactics Lincoln recorded in his letters and speeches, readers will learn how to:

  • Deal with unpleasant coworkers
  • Give advice to a close friend without hurting his feelings
  • Say no to a relative's request for a loan
  • Respond to unfair rumors and accusations at the office
  • Clear the air after an argument
  • Stand your ground in difficult circumstances
  • Inspire the people around you

How much easier would it be to tackle your everyday problems if you could have Lincoln advising you? What Would Lincoln Do? is a must-have guide for Lincoln fans and anyone wishing to benefit from the advice from one of history's top leaders.

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  • Pages: 192