The Last to Fall:. Marines at Gettysburg

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The Last to Fall: The 1922 March, Battles, & Deaths of U.S. Marines at Gettysburg

by Richard D L Fulton & James Rada, Jr

There’s more than one way to fight the Civil War. The 1863 Battle of Gettysburg resulted in horrific slaughter that ultimately ended the Confederate invasion of Pennsylvania. But after the Allied victory of World War I in 1918, people began to wonder what if some of the post-world war military technology had been available to the armies during the American Civil War? The marine officers who were debating these questions had the capability to test their theories. The purpose and results were supposed to be safe. The exercises and associated reenactments were meant to merely serve as being training maneuvers, along with strikingly realistic, horrific battle, by substituting their “modern-day” military equipment for that which had been used during the Civil War. On June 19, 1922, more than 5,000 marines left Quantico, heading north to the battlefield of Gettysburg. They would reach the battlefield on June 26, but their arrival would be marred by the sudden, tragic deaths of two of their numbers, when a de Havilland fighter would crash, resulting in the plane's pilot and observer being the last U.S. soldiers killed in the line of duty on the Gettysburg battlefield. But even as a pall, following in the wake of the deaths, descended upon the encampment established on the Codori Farm, the marine mission had to proceed as planned. For ten days, battle would rage once again on the fields and ridges where thousands had perished 59 years prior... climaxing on July 4 when the marines would fight the Battle of Gettysburg... with "modern" weapons and tactics. Includes more than 155 photos (some of which have never before been published), maps, and illustrations to help recreate this historic march for the reader.

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