South Carolina, Kershaw's Brigade*

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  • By sculptor Andrew Chernak
  • Medium: Fine Pewter
  • Year of Issue: 2000
  • Edition Limit: 2500
  • Height: 4 1/2"
  • S/L# 10317

Wading across one of the inumerable streams and creeks encountered on the march, this soldier keeps his shoes and powder dry. He has suspended them from his .54 Caliber Model 1841 Rifle. Known as the Mississippi Rifle, it was considered to be the most attractive of the American military firearms. It was a favorite of the Confederate infantry and cavalry alike for its deadly accuracy. The details on this sculpture are: Forage hat with a turned in crown and painted linen visor, belt with rectangular CSA buckle, cap box and imported Sheffield knife and a blanket roll with the outline of a mess tin showing on the bottom of back of the roll.