Pennsylvania Bucktail

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by sculptor Francis Barnum

  • Pewter
  • Limited edition event miniature
  • S/L# 1944

One of the most recognizable units in the Civil War was the 42nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry (13th Reserves), popularly known as the Bucktails. Those wising to enlist in the regiment needed to demonstrate their skills as marksmen to be accepted. The habit of sporting a bucktail on their caps was credited to James Landregan who served with the McKean (PA) County Rifles and survived the war.

Set apart from the typical Federal soldier by their distinctive plumage, the Bucktails were subjected to public scrutiny and challenged to meet higher expectations than the typical Northern regiment. The Pennsylvanians who hailed from the ?wildcat district? were up to the challenge. Thanks to a cadre of capable officers, the Bucktails were often successfully detailed as skirmishers and sharpshooters.