Discoveries in the Shriver Family Attic:

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Discoveries in the Shriver Family Attic: How a Woman and Her Children Dealt with the Battle of Gettysburg


by Kajsa C. Cook

When war invaded their town in the summer of 1863, Gettysburg was a terrible and frightening place for Sadie and Mollie Shriver. They fled their home on Baltimore Street with their mother, Henrietta, and neighbor Tillie Pierce to try and find safety at the Weikert farm, their grandparents homestead. Instead they found themselves in the midst of the violent battle caring for wounded soldiers. Life would never be the same, especially after their father is taken prisoner and dies at Andersonville Prison and their mother remarries.

By the summer of 1867, the Civil War has been over for two years, but is not forgotten. Life is slowly returning to normal. Mama has remarried and Sadie and Mollie have a new baby sister. During their summer vacation, the girls meet Jason and Amy, new neighborhood kids who have moved to Gettysburg from Baltimore.

Sadie and Mollie, along with their friends Jason, Amy, and Tillie, explore their old house that now stands vacant again. What stories and secrets will the children discover in the Shriver attic where two Confederate snipers were killed?

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