Days Of Darkness

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Days of Darkness: The Gettysburg Civilians

by William G. Williams

As two great armies probed each other’s movements and moved slowly northward, neither expected to fight one of the Civil War’s most momentous battles in the crossroads Pennsylvania town of Gettysburg. But during the summer of 1863 the citizens of Gettysburg kept a wary eye on those movements, fearful that the ravages of war would disturb, and perhaps destroy, their tranquility. Their fears were well founded. During the first three days of July the town and its people shook with the fury of deadly fighting. The horror did not end with the fight; it continued through summer into fall with the stench of death and the agony of wounded Union and Confederate troops.

Drawing on diaries, recollections, and newspaper reports, William G. Williams presents a much different version of the Battle of Gettysburg than those found in the myriad of books on that historical event. It is the story of the battle as seen through the eyes of those who were forced to hide from the fight yet deal with its consequences. Williams brings their stories and the experiences of many other Gettysburg residents to life through this novel treatment of history.