Christmas & the Civil War

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Special Program!
Saturday, July 25th
2:00 pm
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Seating is limited!
Suggested Donation: $5
benefits the Gettysburg Heritage Center & Gettysburg Nature Alliance

“Christmas and the Civil War” is an entertaining and interesting overview of how the Civil War transformed Christmas into the modern holiday Americans enjoy today.  In particular it looks at how the famed illustrator and political cartoonist, Thomas Nast (with the assistance of Abraham Lincoln) used the holiday and the image of Santa Claus to bolster the Union cause and reunite the nation.
The talk also offers fun Christmas-themed quizzes and prizes for the audience.
It will be given by Civil War enthusiast, Brad Stone wearing the Santa Claus costume that Thomas Nast created for the December 1862 cover of Harper’s Weekly.  Mr. Stone has a deep interest in the Civil War and serves as a docent at the National Civil War Museum of Medicine in Frederick, MD and the USS Constellation in Baltimore Harbor.  He has spoken on a number of Civil War topics at many museums and his presentation on Christmas and the Civil War has been featured on CSPAN’s American History TV.”

​**The event will be held in the conference room of the Gettysburg Heritage Center.  Seating is limited to accommodate for social distancing.  In order to provide a quality program, the presenter will be speaking without a mask on.  He will be distanced adequately from the audience, allowing plenty of space for social distancing.