The Wheatfield (Stephen Lang J)

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by Stephen Lang; illustrated by the Bros. Smith

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As an actor STEPHEN LANG is renowned for his starring roles in such films as AvatarGettysburg and Gods and Generals and on stage for A Few Good Men and Death of a Salesman. As an award-winning playwright, he is known for Beyond Glory, his solo performance piece about eight Medal of Honor recipients. It was during research for the latter that he came across the true story of James Jackson Purman, a Union Lieutenant, whose life was saved by a Confederate soldier during battle. Out of this came his first book, The Wheatfield.

Stephen Lang’s The Wheatfield tells the story of the Battle of Gettysburg through the eyes of Union officer and Medal of Honor awardee James Jackson Purman. It is a story of courage and sacrifice, of an unusual friendship formed in the Wheatfield between a Union and Confederate soldier under fire. Featuring Lang’s poetic writing and powerful illustrations from the young artists the Brothers Smith (Alex and Adrian), the story is sure to delight readers young and old.

Mr. Lang is a longtime friend of all things Gettysburg; the Gettysburg Foundation, the National Military Park, and the town of Gettysburg itself.  His kinship with Gettysburg dates from his portrayal of General George Pickett in Ron Maxwell’s film, GETTYSBURG. Lang has done countless readings, performances, interviews, speeches and appearances over the years because he believes that the Battle of Gettysburg in July of 1863, as well as 270 words, The Gettysburg Address, delivered by President Lincoln 4 months later, are of paramount and continuing relevance to the ongoing story of American freedom and democracy, and must never be minimized or forgotten. He further believes that because of its history Gettysburg can and should be a place of reconciliation and mediation, where Americans can gather to find the common ground that unites us as a people. In 2019 Lang was honored to receive the inaugural Kinsley Award presented to an individual or organization exemplifying Abraham Lincoln’s vision of a humble, civil, and inclusive society. 

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Praise for The Wheatfield:

Just when we need heroes more than ever, here is a beautifully crafted and truly inspiring story of courage, sacrifice, and selflessness.  James Purman’s experiences date to the American Civil War, but his sense of duty and honor stand the test of time and give us great hope in today’s age of anxiety and uncertainty.  Author Stephen Lang, an actor who brings genuine artistry to his performances, writes a beautifully and convincingly as he performs on stage and screen.  Here’s a book that should be read in every classroom and cherished in every family home. Harold Holzer, Winner of the Lincoln Prize.

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