Ghosts of Gettysburg Number VIII

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By: Mark Nesbitt

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Along with more ghost stories from Gettysburg, this newest addition to the "Ghosts of Gettysburg" series includes stories about places with a Gettysburg connection and tales of ghostly manifestations that have re-occurred in Gettysburg–a ghostly déjà vu. That ghosts exist cannot be doubted any more. Why they exist is also, seemingly, common knowledge. Now I am interested in how they continue to manifest themselves, and the questions maddeningly outnumber the answers: How do we continue to exist after earthly death? Where do ghosts dwell? Another dimension? A parallel universe, yet invisible? How do they gather the energy needed to become visible, or make noise, or move physical objects before our eyes and ears? Do they want to communicate with us, as it appears they do? How can we facilitate and amplify this communication? The ghosts of Gettysburg may be abundant…but they are also elusive. This is something I’ve wanted to do for years: to lend some legitimacy to the data on the paranormal I’ve gathered over the decades. I am lucky because Gettysburg has been a part of my life for nearly sixty years. I have had unique access to one of—if not the—most haunted site, acre for acre, in America.

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