Gettysburg Magazine #62

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  • Release date: Late December 2019 / Early January 2020
  • Table of contents include....
    • James Longstreet and the Third Day: “We Were Not Hunting for Any Fight” by Cory M. Pfarr
    • 18 Howard at Gettysburg: A Reappraisal by James S. Pula
    • 26 “I Should Not Be Surprised If They Cross the River Tonight”: A Resolute Lee vs. A Reluctant Meade, July 13, 1863 by Thomas J. Ryan and Richard R. Schaus
    • 51 The Making of an Artillery Officer: Major John Cheves Haskell at Gettysburg by David L. Shultz and Steven C. Nelson
    • 81 The Role of Railroads in the Handling and Transportation of the Wounded During the Gettysburg Campaign by Anthony Puzzilla
    • 92 Reexamining the Accounts of Two Female Casualties of Pickett’s Charge by Shelby Harriel
    • 96 A Revealing Letter from Robert E. Lee to Samuel Johnston by Ronald S. Coddington with Dave Batalo
    • 99 If You Want to Go: General Gouverneur Kemble Warren—A Picture Is Worth More Than a Thousand Words by Sonny Fulks
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