A Civil War Husband: 100th Pennsylvania Roundheads (Cynthia Friend Crytzer - DLM)

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A Civil War Husband: Transcribed Letters from Union Soldier Thomas D. Nelson of the 100th Pennsylvania Infantry "Roundheads" Company E to His Family During the Civil War

by Cynthia Friend Crytzer

"A Civil War Husband" provides a first-hand account of life as a Civil War soldier through letters of Thomas D. Nelson, Union soldier and member of the 100th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment "The Roundheads" Company E as transcribed directly by Cynthia Friend Crytzer. In his own words, Thomas details travel with the "Roundheads" as they march through Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Mississippi. He describes camp life as a Union soldier through the food they eat, people he meets, regular prayer meeting accounts, impressions of the towns and surrounding countryside, and much more. He details concerns about finances and the well-being of the family he left behind. The letters end just prior to his capture and death in Andersonville Prison. This vivid account of a Civil War husband and soldier is followed by an epilogue detailing the fate of Thomas' wife and daughters after his death, as well as an index of people and places mentioned in the letters. “A Civil War Husband” is for anyone interested in the journey and lasting impact the Civil War had on soldiers and their families.