#67 - Gettysburg Magazine

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  • 2 “Coming On Like Devils Incarnate”: The Florida Brigade and the Gettysburg Campaign by Colin Zimmerman
  • 19 “By Our Guns to the Last”: The 20th Indiana and the Struggle for Rose’s Woods by Charles J. Rebesco
  • 35 Pickett’s Charge—“A Perfect Storm of Heat”: Never before Used Data Allows for Heat Index Estimate during Fateful Attack by Jon M. Nese and Jeff Harding
  • 47 “The Sight of Blood Never Again Affected Me” by James Gindlesperger
  • Did General Lee’s Heart Attack Impact the Conduct of the Battle of Gettysburg?Lloyd W. Klein & Eric J. Wittenberg
  • In Their Role as Commander-in-Chief:
    Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis during
    the Gettysburg Campaign, Part 3, July 1863
    Thomas J. Ryan

  • Feeding the Army of Northern Virginia
    during the Gettysburg Campaign
    Michael C. Hardy
  •  If You Want to Go: Battlefield Light, and
    Those Who Still Hear the Guns
    Sonny Fulks
  • Corrections