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  • The Events and Actions of Battery B,1st New York Light Artillery, on July 2, 1863 - Steven M. Gates
  • Confusion over the 2nd Connecticut Light Battery: Here’s What It Really Did at Gettysburg - Ron Kirkwood
  • Fifteen Men per Monument: The 27th Connecticut at Gettysburg - Mike Rinehart
  • His Information Was Always Accurate and Reliable”: John S. Mosby and the Beginning of the Gettysburg Campaign - Rob Orrison and Kevin Pawlak
  • In Their Role as Commander-in-Chief: Lincoln and Davis During the Gettysburg Campaign, Part 2, June 1863 - Thomas J. Ryan
  • “They Would Kill Me for Sure”: The Wild Ride of James Parke Postles - Jeffrey R. Biggs
  • A Man of Iron: Theodore Pease’s Medical Treatment and Resiliency - Jonathan Tracey
  • The Death of General Lewis Armistead - Jay Kling
  • The Gettysburg Diary of Robert Robinson, 73rd Pennsylvania - Kelly Palestini
  • If You Want To Go: Peaches Then, Peaches Now . . . The Sherfy Orchard - Sonny Fulks
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